3 Reasons Your Business Should Hold a Food Drive

3 Reasons Your Business Should Hold a Food Drive

For all the upcoming businesses looking for public engagement and consumers, what can connect people better off than food! In a country where one in six people go hungry, you have been blessed with opportunities to have started a business of your own. Running a full-time business sure is a great responsibility. Every successful business considers themselves as the patrons of the world. Success in the market relies on the service you provide to its people. A business needs to have strong, multi-level corporate partnerships with local/national companies, as well as probable consumers. And, donating products does much more than making the donor feel good. Here are the top reasons why you should dedicatedly organize a food drive. Make sure you are creative and make the event enjoyable for the employees.

1) Building a public image

What do big giants of the corporate world have in common? They’re all certainly well established and accepted. Is it only the product that makes them that big of a deal? Well, obviously no! Lots of marketing have strategized to attain their achievement.   An enormous amount of the money invested is reserved for charities, and no business strategy is independent of their competitors. Therefore, to conduct a food drive, you may put up posters, flyers, promote your business through marketing and communications methods, websites and social media, and build-up an image for people to entrust your brand, which even impacts subconsciously.  Here are some more tips to build your public image.

2) Evident economic benefits

The Federal Tax Law(1976) allows the reduction of the costs of producing, packaging and delivering products, and 50 percent of the market and cost market value difference, helping to reduce your taxes! And, a food drive can highly reduce your surplus of large inventory and unsaleables, which enhances inventory control. Also, a food drive can eliminate a company’s waste removal cost! These are few of the unfathomable advantages.

3) Boosting good intentions of your business

Food drives are a great way for a company to get involved in hunger relief. Businesses, for instance, could educate their employees about 48 million Americans depending on food drives! You will obtain recognition throughout many communities and foster goodwill in the society.Such food drives through the private sector with support from local communities are efficient and well organized. Expanding this network to address current food insecurity needs would increase this economic stimulus by another 1.1 million jobs.

So, get going and advertise, set up a recruiting team and volunteers, make a list, provide transparent donation bins, signs, posters, and express your gratitude!